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San Juan mayor on devastation in Puerto Rico

"We are seeing a totally different San Juan. ... It is a devastation like I have never seen before," says Carmen Yulin Cruz, mayor of San Juan, Puerto Rico http://cnn.it/2jQo7US

North Korea's Kim: Trump 'will pay dearly' for comments at UN

Kim Jong Un states that North Korea will consider countermeasures because "Trump has denied the existence of and insulted me and my country in front of the eyes of the world." http://cnn.it/2xjjoRm

Aerial shots of a rescue operation in Mexico City after devast...

This is the scene above a rescue operation in Condesa, a neighborhood in Mexico City, where police, members of the Mexican military, and volunteers are working to rescue people they believe may be buried in the rubble after a devastating 7.1-magnitude earthquake http://cnn.it/2xkPhXn

Canada's Trudeau issues rallying cry for climate fight and tak...

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau offers a rallying cry for the fight against climate change and makes a dig at the US http://cnn.it/2ygcpp8

12-year-old ventriloquist won the latest America's Got Talent

This 12-year-old ventriloquist won a cool million dollars on the latest season of "America's Got Talent" http://cnn.it/2ygnx5u

Sean Spicer doesn't think he ever lied while press secretary

Sean Spicer was recently asked, "Have you ever lied to the American people?" He responded: "I don't think so." http://cnn.it/2xl4wPY

Donald J. Trump just ordered new sanctions on North Korea, a "criminal rogue region" http://cnn.it/2xyxtdp

Trump praises South Korean President's use of the word "deplor...

President Donald J. Trump praises South Korean president for calling North Korea's actions "deplorable," adding: "That's been a very lucky word for me" http://cnn.it/2jMRVSt

Police use rescue dogs to search for survivors of Mexico earth...

Mexican Federal Police are using canine search and rescue teams to look for people stuck in collapsed buildings throughout Mexico City after a powerful earthquake http://cnn.it/2jNMHGf

President Trump meets with British Prime Minister Theresa May

We’re in Mexico City where rescuers are racing to save a 12-year-old girl who’s been trapped under rubble for over 40 hours. Rosa Flores is on the scene. Leave your questions below.

The drive that shows how badly Puerto Rico was hit

This drive through Puerto Rico shows the devastation after Hurricane Maria ripped through the island http://cnn.it/2hiBJHN

Hurricane Maria continues to lash Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic. Track along with CNN Weather as it moves toward the Turks and Caicos

Video shows the widespread flooding in San Juan, Puerto Rico, caused by Hurricane Maria. The island's energy grid took such a severe blow from the hurricane that restoring power to everyone may take months, according to Gov. Ricardo Rosselló. http://cnn.it/2xUyKME

Why health care in the US is so expensive

As Congress debates a new bill, Dr. Sanjay Gupta asks: Why is health care in the US so expensive in the first place? http://cnn.it/2jLZVmH

Macron on his marriage

French President Emmanuel Macron's marriage to his wife Brigitte, 24 years his senior, has been the subject of international scrutiny. He opened up to Christiane Amanpour about the woman he calls his “anchor” http://cnn.it/2xjDIj3

Teen returns wallet filled with $1,500 cash

This teen returned a wallet that had $1,500 in it

Bill Nye: There's a link between climate change, massive storms

"The sea surface is warmer than it's ever been, so the storms are bigger than they've ever been": People who believe in climate change connect the dots between climate and massive hurricanes, says Bill Nye The Science Guy. http://cnn.it/2fBU7HO

James Clapper on Trump and Russia probe

Is President Donald J. Trump the central focus of special counsel Robert Mueller's Russia probe? Former DNI James Clapper: "The inference you could draw is that he is" http://cnn.it/2fBbokm

Search efforts continue at collapsed school

Rescue efforts continue at a Mexico City school that collapsed following a 7.1-magnitude earthquake. http://cnn.it/2yf2eRF

Puerto Rico governor: Power could be out for months

It could take "months as opposed to weeks or days" to restore power in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria, Gov. Ricardo Rossello says http://cnn.it/2wzlv3R