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Is this the future of yoga pants?

Can vibrating yoga pants improve your form? These $300 pairs are powered by machine learning http://cnn.it/2rf6A7w

Robocop becomes a reality in Dubai

It's happening: Dubai wants 25% of its police force to be robots by 2030 — which raises some serious questions. http://cnn.it/2rIo4wA

Is Oman on your travel list? If it isn't, it just might be after Sunday's #PartsUnknown with Anthony Bourdain.

Rep. Swalwell: Trump performance was clownish

Democratic Rep. Eric Swalwell slammed President Donald J. Trump for what he calls a "clownish performance" after James Comey's testimony, and said he was "unpresidential" in discussing the possibility of tapes as if teasing a reality TV "season finale." http://cnn.it/2rKq0ES

Kirsten Gillibrand drops f-bombs during speech

"If we are not helping people, we should go the f--- home." The f-bomb fell a few times as Democratic Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand struck a bold tone during a conference appearance, even needing bleeping as she took aim at President Donald J. Trump. http://cnn.it/2rKphDj

President Trump says he's willing to testify under oath about ...

After Comey's testimony, would you be willing to speak under oath to give your version of events? President Donald J. Trump: "100%" http://cnn.it/2rJDgcQ

Trump on Comey: "No collusion, no obstruction, he's a leaker."

President Donald J. Trump sums up Comey's testimony before the Senate intel panel: "No collusion, no obstruction, he's a leaker."

Senator McCaskill attacks the GOP health care bill

"We have no idea what is being proposed!..": Watch this Democratic senator slam Republicans over health care bill negotiations.

Joint Press Conference with President Trump and Romanian Presi...

We’re watching US President Trump and Romanian President Klaus Iohannis hold a joint press conference. Both leaders are expected to take questions.

The Obama-Trudeau bromance

Former President Barack Obama and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau have had quite a "bromance" for years http://cnn.it/2t4nHKx

President Donald J. Trump flipped through a binder that he says is an environmental report during an infrastructure speech at the Department of Transportation

See 'Phantom' like no one has before

Almost 18 million people have watched the longest running show on Broadway: The Phantom of the Opera. But no one has seen it like this... Just wait for the high note at the end of this scene between The Phantom (James Barbour) and Christine Daaé (Ali Ewoldt). CNNVR #PhantomoftheOpera #TonyAwards2017 #CNNVR

President Trump speaks at the Department of Transportation

We’re watching President Trump and Secretary of Transportation Elaine Chao talk about infrastructure at the “Roads, Rails, and Regulatory Relief” event in DC

Nancy Pelosi on Trump's presidency

Nancy Pelosi on Donald J. Trump's presidency: "We can see that at seven months: a failure.... Donald Trump is a job loser."

Man charged with battery in racially charged incident at Starb...

A Chicago man is charged with misdemeanor battery after a racially charged altercation that began at Starbucks was caught on video. Police say it all started when someone spilled a drink on him http://cnn.it/2rIeMR0

PM Theresa May says she can form a government after UK electio...

JUST IN: UK Prime Minister Theresa May says she can form a government "that will provide certainty & lead Britain forward" by forming a working majority with the Democratic Unionist Party: http://cnn.it/2rd1yIH

So what exactly happened in the UK election?

This is how another extraordinary night in British politics unfolded. The UK election has resulted in a hung parliament, with big gains for Labour, big losses for the Conservatives and SNP, and no overall majority for any party, throwing Brexit negotiations into confusion: http://cnn.it/2rcBDRp

UK election: What does hung parliament mean?

UK election: What is a hung parliament, and what's going to happen next? Max Foster explains: http://cnn.it/2rci6R5 #GE2017

Distracted woman gets run over by train

This young woman wearing headphones got run over by a train. Thankfully, she survived with only minor injuries. http://cnn.it/2rG3UDo

Group of teenage girls berated, apparently for being Muslim

"This is our home too, what do you mean leave?" This group of teenage girls was berated by a stranger at a restaurant, apparently for being Muslim