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Trump announces his new 2020 campaign slogan: Keep America Great

Keep America Great! President Donald J. Trump announced his new slogan for is 2020 campaign. The acronym KAG isn't quite as appealing as MAGA for Make American Great Again http://cnn.it/2FGJjaB

A sixth grader makes a will 'just in case' of a school shooting

This sixth grader wrote a will "just in case" of a school shooting http://cnn.it/2FPAIhE

Surf the never-ending wave in Munich

Munich, Germany, may be landlocked, but there is a year-round surfing river where water shoots out from under a street and creates perpetual wave http://cnn.it/2DyGLFG

When the papacy is up for grabs, anything is possible. See what happens when more than one man claims the papal crown Sunday at 10p on #Pope.

Tokyo is a city where men’s desires are well catered for, but how do women love and find satisfaction? “Christiane Amanpour: Sex & Love Around the World” premieres Saturday at 10p. #Amanpour

Meet the Tower of London's Ravenmaster

Meet the Tower of London's Ravenmaster, Chris Skaife. He's responsible for the safety and welfare of the Tower's ravens. Legend has it that if the birds leave, the structure will crumble and the Kingdom will be under great harm. http://cnn.it/2IxueWs

Chicago River turns green for St. Patrick's Day

The Chicago River turns green for St. Patrick's Day. This time-lapse video shows the handiwork of the Chicago Plumbers Union Local 130, which has been dyeing the river for 55 years. The dye typically lasts for 24 to 48 hours. http://cnn.it/2IxVc0u Video: Lindsey Engelbert

The complicated gender history of the color pink

The color pink has a complicated gender history http://cnn.it/2GECaoF

The Chicago River is green for St. Patrick's Day

The Chicago River has turned green for St. Patrick's Day! The dyeing is the handiwork of the Chicago Plumbers Union Local 130, who've been doing it for 55 years. The dye was concocted years ago by the plumbers to help trace leaks in buildings, and it lasts for about 24-48 hours (just enough time for a Guinness or five)

Get a glimpse of Disney's new Star Wars land

Here's a glimpse of Disney's much-anticipated Star Wars attractions. Construction is underway, and the lands called "Galaxy's Edge" are set to open in 2019. http://cnn.it/2GyI3mX

Rugged Irish islands contend with the Force

These Irish islands are feeling the Force http://cnn.it/2DyQgo6 http://cnn.it/2FG41rh

Fall in love with Dublin in 1.5 minutes

Let Ireland's capital charm you with its dramatic seascapes, stunning buildings and vibrant nightlife http://cnn.it/2GuKHu1

The Kennedy women were as politically savvy as the Kennedy men. See how they helped get JFK elected on #TheKennedys Sunday at 9p on CNN.

Man dressed as Elsa helps police move van

The cold didn’t bother this man dressed as Elsa from “Frozen” as he helped move a police van out of the snow in Boston

Teachers in Texas sign up for gun training

These teachers in Ennis, Texas, are attending gun and active shooter training http://cnn.it/2GAm9QB

Ex-FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe fired

Attorney General Jeff Sessions has fired former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe less than two days shy of McCabe's retirement. The termination could place a portion of his anticipated pension, earned after more than two decades of service, in significant jeopardy. http://cnn.it/2DCJhLa

Dog mistakenly flown to Japan reunites with family

Irgo, the dog that accidentally was flown to Japan instead of Kansas City, got a flight home on a charter jet and reunited with his family http://cnn.it/2FGJFy2

How a cop changed the lives of this single mom and her four kids

This single mother and her four children were living out of their car. Then a cop decided he had to do something http://cnn.it/2FImp2w

Tapper considers suspense at the White House

Jake Tapper asks: "Can we pause and consider the notion that — as the country waits in suspense to see who President Trump will fire next — maybe this wasn’t entirely unpredictable?" http://cnn.it/2FJiUc7

Lawyer: Stormy Daniels was physically threatened

Jake Tapper: You say that your client, Stormy Daniels, "felt physically threatened to stay silent about what she knew about Donald Trump." Daniels' attorney: "I didn't say she 'felt' physically threatened — what I said was, she was physically threatened." http://cnn.it/2FRRn48