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Transgender former Navy SEAL: Ban is a "huge slap in the face"

Transgender former Navy SEAL says a ban is a "huge slap in the face" to transgender military service members http://cnn.it/2tEvboo

"Debt Bondage" in Cambodia

For these Cambodian workers, every brick they make is a step towards freedom from a lifetime of debt. Some NGO's call this kind of "debt bondage" a modern form of slavery. http://cnn.it/2vKKCfS (via CNNVR)

Man makes citizen's arrest on erratic driver

This civilian noticed an erratic driver on the road and followed him into a parking lot where he made a citizen's arrest http://cnn.it/2uDqImQ

Audience member yells out, asks about US military transgender ban

While speaking at the White House, someone in the crowd yelled out asking President Donald J. Trump how he decided to reinstate the US military ban on transgender people

Transgender US military Lieutenant Commander says we're not bu...

"We've shown them we're not burdens," Navy Lt. Cmdr. Blake Dremann says of the military's transgender service members. "I'm fully qualified. I'm fully deployable." http://cnn.it/2uZV0mc

WH comments on Trump's ban of transgender people in the military

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders talks about how President Donald J. Trump decided to reinstate a ban on transgender individuals from serving in the US armed forces http://cnn.it/2v8zVH4

President Trump speaks to young people at an American Legion e...

Donald Trump is speaking to the American Legion Boys Nation and the American Legion Auxiliary Girls Nation

After 3 years of chatting on Tinder, this couple finally met

This couple spent three years chatting on Tinder -- and now they've finally met http://cnn.it/2v8sqjm

Venezuela in crisis

CNN's Paula Newton is in Caracas, Venezuela where the country’s opposition has called for a 48-hour nationwide strike in protest of Sunday's controversial vote to elect a special assembly to rewrite the country's 1999 constitution. Leave your questions below. http://cnn.it/2h3oE4A

Wildfires hit French Riviera, thousands evacuated

Wildfires rage through southern France, threatening thousands of people in the French Riviera http://cnn.it/2tDH39Q

White House press briefing

We’re watching today’s White House press briefing with Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders

How much transgender services really cost the military

President Donald J. Trump announced that he plans to reinstate a ban on transgender individuals from serving "in any capacity" in the US armed forces, citing "tremendous medical costs." Some perspective: http://cnn.it/2uBTogg

Graham: Trump's Sessions attacks show weakness

Sen. Lindsey Graham on President Donald J. Trump: “He’s trying to get Sessions to quit and I hope Sessions doesn’t quit. If the President wants to fire him, fire him.” http://cnn.it/2tDlqq9

WH Comm. Director Scaramucci on Trump media strategy

President Donald J. Trump is “arguably the most media savvy person in history, but certainly of our times,” White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci says http://cnn.it/2v7tbt3

Scaramucci: Trump will make health care freer

New White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci on President Donald J. Trump calling the House health care bill “mean”: “That shows the President’s compassion" http://cnn.it/2v7CQzK

Senator heard on hot mic: Donald J. Trump is 'crazy' http://cnn.it/2vZTrlv

NASA's first astronaut candidate with Middle Eastern roots

Meet Maj. Jasmin Moghbeli, NASA’s first astronaut candidate with Middle Eastern roots. http://cnn.it/2v6xVz5

Drone delivers college acceptance to 19-year-old

This drone had a very special job -- delivering a college acceptance letter to a 19-year-old in China. (Video by CCTV)

Trump's 'Make America Great Again' rally in 2 minutes

These are the highlights from President Donald J. Trump's "Make America Great Again" Rally in Ohio. http://cnn.it/2tB8ph7

Protesters chant outside senators' homes

Dozens of protesters chanted outside the homes of Republican senators, encouraging them to vote "no" on replacing Obamacare http://cnn.it/2uXfCeW